1. Our families spend 80% to 90% of their time indoors in our home, so our spending on cleaning the air indoors in our homes must be considered as a medical insurance or a wise investment which helps your loved ones to be healthy.

2. We breathe air 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and it continues during our entire lifetime, so this air must be clean, pure and this must be the norm.

3. Indoor air is considered to be 5times more polluted than the outside air, as the outside polluted air enters our homes and stays indoor for a longer time.

4. Apart from outside pollution the indoor pollution is also caused by pet dander, dust, mites, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like gases released by phenol, deodorants, perfumes,etc, tobacco smoke, kitchen soot, carpeting, furniture chemicals etc. All these causes act aggressively to degrade the indoor air of our homes and the air we breathe.

5. The direct effects of air pollution include: asthama,sinus, cough, allergy, flu, cold, fever, etc. The indirect effects include respiratory problems nausea, headaches, ENT irritation, skin allergy, Tuberculosis, hair loss, fatigue, in extreme cases damage to kidney, lungs and nervous system, cardiovascular diseases, lung problems, cancer, under development of unborn baby, etc.

6. Individuals suffering from respiratory problems such as Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma are at higher risk to an exposure to poor air quality. They are also susceptible to allergens like pollen, dust mites, smoke, VOCs, pet dander, chemical fumes, strong odours and much more.

By installing an Airfit air filter, you can remove all major airborne pollutants from the air, and thereby reduce factors leading to respiratory problems such as asthma.